Comprehensive Environmental Management Services

BGI provides a broad range of environmental services, from the cleaning, testing and maintenance of a 3 million gallon fuel tank, to the technically challenging and environmentally sensitive emergency response to an aviation mishap.

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Certified Product Destruction

Our goal is to provide disposal options for your waste that meets your needs from all perspectives: waste reduction, cost minimization, corporate liability and regulatory mandates.

BGI offers a solution; our destruction program is tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. Our environmentally conscious program can even generate revenue. Most importantly, it removes your product from all potential customers.

Excess inventory, obsolete products, defective products, discontinued packaging; these are just a few of the reasons that businesses wish to remove products from inventory. You could send this material to a landfill. However this is costly and there is no guarantee of product destruction.

One of the more important challenges facing manufacturers today is finding cost-effective and secure disposal options for consumer product waste. Careful consideration must be given to the selection of specific methods. Numerous factors weigh into this decision, including:

  • Necessity of assured/certified product destruction to eliminate re-entry to marketplace
  • Corporate and local community directives to reduce land disposal
  • Elimination of future liabilities associated with land disposal

Depending on the product, there are many different alternative disposition technologies available. These options include:

  • Non-hazardous incineration
  • Recycle/reuse
  • Off-site wastewater treatment
  • Aerosol recycling
  • Ingredient capture for reuse in other processes

Manufacturers and distributors of solid and liquid consumer products which should be considered for alternative disposition include:

  • Health care products
  • Creams and lotions
  • Shampoos
  • OTC Pharmaceuticals
  • Toiletries
  • Cosmetics
  • Household chemicals
  • Other commodity waste

Manufacturers and distributors of consumer products may require disposition of off-spec, expired, or returned products, such as:

  • Powders, sprays, liquids and gels
  • Residue from cosmetic manufacturing
  • Aerosol products (with or without residue)
  • Plastics and other polymers
  • Process water, alcohol or solvent